Random thoughts

A Prairie Home Companion is coming from Ravinia this week. Sitting here listening I’m feeling very nostalgic. I’ve spent many summer evenings there, although I never considered it a great place to hear music. But some of the concerts were good and I saw Stravinsky conduct the Chicago Symphony.

I’m sure my cousins are sitting there in the audience. Maxine lives near the park and is always urging everyone to come and picnic on the lawn. Garrison Keeler wished Paul of Chicago happy 94th birthday. That’s probably my cousin, also. I was supposed to go to a party for him, but had to cancel my trip because of my detour to the hospital.

I think about Chicago often. Even now, after eleven years away, it’s still a big part of me. I plan to visit in September, make up for the trip I missed. Sometimes I think about moving back. But it’s probably true, you can’t go home again. My cousins are very good to me and I still have several good friends there. But I’ve decided it’s better coming back and visiting. After all, then I’m a celebrity. And I would miss my family terribly.

Charna is going to the Governor’s school for international studies this summer. She’s been there for two weeks; this weekend is her only opportunity to come home, then back for another three weeks. I think she’s enjoying it very much. She was very happy.

I’m still concentrating on all my exercises. I went back to the mobility clinic on Thursday and they suggested a few more exercises for mastering those steps. They also told me the beta blocker I’m taking is what is probably making me more tired than before. They think I’ll get used to it. I did manage my three miles yesterday and didn’t collapse afterward, so I guess I’m doing better.

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Thanks for poking me. I sent you a copy of that little thing, and I posted a slightly different one. The ending is still mush, but I shall take it with me to class tomorrow.

  2. Oh Hurrah! You are doing better then,,…and the three miles. I’m still being a coughing lump now with bandages. The less I move the more I pant.
    I cheer you on every day.

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