Photoshop fun

The Courbet self portraits I saw in New York inspired me to play with some of my photos. Strictly speaking these aren’t self portraits, just manipulated pictures. I’ll keep working toward more interesting things.



The backgrounds are from my photos of a scroll painting at the Metropolitan Museum.

I usually don’t bother with screen savers, but recently I set my Mac to show images from my picture archives, chosen at random and severely cropped. Some of them are blurred and awful, others are amazing, sharp and clear even on my 20" monitor. (I like big; something to do with my vision,) I am impressed with what my funny, digital camera can do. I just wish I could control it better.

3 thoughts on “Photoshop fun

  1. DUH! I just noticed (on my second trip thru) that you’re using Photoshop. I sure can’t do this with Image Express or whatever program came with my computer!

  2. These are very interesting! And fun. I must catch up on my reading again and hope to learn more about your new (?) camera or the new photo program (?) you used to create these? So much to discover!

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