Soo tired

I worked on my leg exercises forty minutes this morning and then went to the fitness center to use the bike and the leg press. I’ve been suffering all day. My pt said if I’m not tired and sore, I’m not building muscle. I must have built lots of muscle yesterday and today.

I had other things to do, but I feel like I’ve been dragging myself around all day. I’m committed to building those muscles so I’ll keep working on it. Maybe I’ll go to bed early tonight.

2 thoughts on “Soo tired

  1. But I keep hearing that “no pain, no gain” thing is out of date. What I hear now is “if it hurts you overdid it.” Maybe it’s better to take things slow and build up??????? I don’t know. Just wondering.

  2. I’m having similar problems. After a winter’s semi-hibernation, I’ve been walking about town again and doing yard work. I can hardly move a muscle in my entire body. Last night, I slept for twelve hours!

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