This and that

I teased Raja this morning; she had snow in Kentucky and I had only rain. Now the snow has arrived in Pittsburgh and I got instant cabin fever. I wanted to go out and buy groceries, actually, fruit and veggies. It’s not like I don’t have food in the house. I even found some Clementine’s I had forgotten in the fridge. I just wanted to go out. I fought with myself for a good part of the morning, finally decided to stay home and maybe get something useful done. First, I made soup. I found a recipe using red lentils and potatoes. Haven’t tasted it yet, but it may need something more. It’s supposed to be finished with lemon juice, which I have, and cilantro, which I don’t have.

Just spent some time looking up info about freezing my credit. Consumer’s Union has a site here. Lots of good info including how to opt out of all those offers. I will definitely do that. I’m tired of shredding all those  certificates, and they worry me.

All of this is work avoidance. I have begun working on my paper for Japanese Art History. Love doing the research. Found an amazing amount of stuff on the internet. Now I have to write. Oh well, I’m writing this post instead. The snow is supposed to stop tonight.

Here is my Tulip Tree in Spring. It will happen soon, I hope. Tulip_tree_40

3 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Ditto to Stacie’s remarks. I finally quit wearing my “long johns” underneath my slacks and felt five pounds lighter. I was thinking my slacks size had increased, but it was only the bulk! Soon enough I’ll be down to bermudas! Can’t wait!

  2. I can’t figure out what to wear anymore..last week shorts, this week long johns…
    I am ready for Spring too…

  3. Spring is creaping tword you from here. Slowly. We have sunshine that’s following your rain……but slowly. Stay warm and dry. And yes, I too love the research.

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