Ink, paper and friendship

I just got off the phone with raja who complained about the persimmons being left so long on the blog–I’m supposed to keep writing. Raja and I have been friends for thirty or forty years. We no longer see each other very often but we talk and read each other’s blogs. Good way to keep in touch.

It’s kind of a slow week. I’ve been exercising, riding buses, another form of exercise, because my car is in the shop for three days. I usually ride the bus, but it feels different when I have no choice. I’ve spent most of the last week working on making the Japan blog into a book. It’s slow work; I’m adding more pictures and retrieving some of the information from the links. I have already created 42 pages and I’m only up to October 25. Like I said: it’s slow work.

I’m still wrestling with the pictures. I love the printed page, but there are too many pictures to consider printing them all out. I have a few videos; one of these days I might even get them posted on the blog. I suppose what I really want is something like that new device Amazon came out with, but not quite that one. Something where I can put slides and videos into the printed page so I can touch the paper.

3 thoughts on “Ink, paper and friendship

  1. Slides and videos on the printed page so you can touch the paper. Hummm. What a wonderful idea. Considering all the phenomenal things added to our world since we were born, it might actually be possible some day! Y’think?

  2. How wonderful that you are building a book from your trip. I have always done this after a trip too. For the first time this last year, I haven’t created an actual book from any trip. What ever I write here gets put on a CD, marked with the names of the programs I used to create it, and stuck with my year’s ephemera in an archival box. My eyes are vastly better this year as a result.
    Boy, I admire you creating that magical volume on the Japanese trip.

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