Hanging out at the Fitness Club and other miscellany

I’m not going to complain about the weather in Pittsburgh. It’s better than all that snow they’re talking about in much of the country. But it wasn’t walking weather. I decided I have to spend more time at the "club." I went at 9:30 this morning and didn’t get home until almost noon–a good start. I used the bicycle, the treadmill and all those fancy machines. Are you bored yet? I am. But I will persist. Tai Chi tomorrow and possibly another exercise program they call Silver & Fit. I love these euphemisms.

I’ve uploaded more photos to the Flickr site. Still not happy with it, but I’ll persist with all the photos from Japan. Then I’ll rethink my use of it. I just don’t have enough control over how the photos appear.

I’m still musing over the fact that I got more visits to my Japan blog from my post on toilets than I got from the Post-Gazette article. Should I consider it blog power, or toilet power?

5 thoughts on “Hanging out at the Fitness Club and other miscellany

  1. I’ve tried yoga. Truth is I’ve never met an exercise I enjoyed except walking and riding a bike, outside, both of these because they enable me to see new things. I’ll keep going to the club; I’m convinced I have to do it, but it had no joy for me.

  2. Have you ever tried doing yoga? It’s hard to stick with exercising unless you like it – maybe you need to consider other indoor options during the winter.

  3. Blog power indeed.
    I’m naive about this blog/hit stuff. On Open diary when I leave comments about my friend Duck, I get twenty some notes. But I know that doesn’t indicate how many actual readers stopped.
    I use Snapfish as my photohost, and I stay with it because of it’s simplicity. I can resize using coding, so that part doesn’t bother me. It’s insular tho, and that part leaves me isolated from the mainstream of viewers in a way that Flickr doesn’t. I do have to buy a few photos every year, but the quality is high.

  4. LOL!
    I get more hits on my mango post then anything else…and there must have been something in the news recently about the mango, since I am getting a gazillion hits on my mango post in the last 24 hours. I can understand about the bathroom post…something that everyone has to do…no matter what.

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