Thank you

Thank you EasyDiverChris for the nice mention on Time Goes By. And thanks to all of my friends and family who keep in touch with me as I travel. I love seeing all the wonderful things here in Japan, but the most interesting part of the trip is coping with a different culture and a language that is almost impenetrable to me. I’ll be posting back here in the middle of November. Right now I’m busy at Japan on My Mind.

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Ruthe,
    I finally figured out how to send you a comment. I have been in California for about 10 days–attending an oral history meeting, visiting with a friend in San Rafael and Michael. Nice trip and a welcome break. I’m back home now and the weather is definitely autumn. Lovely but rather chilly.
    I am bowled over with the experiences you are having. What a trip of a lifetime you are having. Your photographs are simply beautiful. They deserve to be published. I will read more to enjoy traveling with you. Take care.
    Much love,

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