More Concert Week

The first concert, Monday night, was all about jazz, with a jazz choir and jazz instrumental ensemble. Here is a picture of some of the choir. Dsc03140

They were great, as was the instrumental ensemble. Last night most of the vocalists in the program each sang a solo. In my first attempt at internet video, HERE IS CHARNA!

As she sang I kept thinking about another notable solo. She must have been seven or eight; she was part of a kids musical theater group. This tiny girl came out from behind a closed curtain, all alone, sat down on the edge at the left side of the stage and proceeded to belt out a song. I don’t remember what song, but I can still see her sitting there looking so alone and vulnerable I wept. She was completely confident and unafraid, unlike her silly grandmother.

1 thought on “More Concert Week

  1. I remember that moment too! She had on a red dress. I always thought she’d sang Castle on a Cloud from Les Mis, but I remember that she recently told me it was something else, can’t remember what. That WAS an amazing few minutes.

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