Concert Week

This is the last week of Charna’s precollege music course at Carnegie Mellon; Renee is here for the concerts. We’re running around a lot during the day, even though it’s way too hot, and we’ve been going to concerts each evening. More about that later.

Today we went to the Phipps and saw half of the Chihuly show. It was too hot to see all of it at one time–conservatories are not air conditioned. Yesterday we went to lunch with a Long Island friend of Renee’s who happened to be here for a convention. Then we went over to the convention center and walked through the wonderful water feature. Dsc03156_2
I think this is my favorite place in Pittsburgh. It’s dark and cool and cavernous; I love the feel of it as I walk through. I’m still trying to figure out how to make a tunnel book out of this image. That will have to wait until next month. On Friday, I’m going back to New York with Renee to  visit all of the friends I left behind. This is Renee taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.Dsc03149

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