Walking in Frick Park

Two of my neighbors, Mary and Sonsee, go walking early most mornings. I try to join them but sometimes they go too early for me. I’m trying to get in a lot of walking so I’ll be prepared for my trips to New York and Japan. Today I went with Phyllis, who often joins us. It was a beautiful morning, very cool and sunny. Walking the trails in Frick Park, a roundtrip of about three miles, we had a surprise this morning: a large tree had fallen across one trail. This is Phyllis climbing over the tree. Library_1106
We’ve had some nasty weather over the last few nights; that’s when it must have happened. It looks like the rain softened the ground and the tree was pulled up by its roots.Library_1107 This tree looks like it’s about to fall over. Library_1112
We walked under it quickly, and I took the picture from the other side.

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