Random questions for a Wednesday

I got a phone call early this morning from the doctor’s office; my prescription was approved, provided I will accept a generic. That’s OK. But I had to give the dr’s office the phone number of my pharmacy. Never having called them before I didn’t have it and didn’t have time to look it up when they called. I tried to call them back when I got back from my classes. Of course, they were already gone. Why didn’t they keep the phone number when the pharmacy first called them after the prescription was denied? Am I being too rational?

I’ve been reading about Philip Pearlstein in a magazine called Art Press. Published in France it’s articles are in both French and English. I had no idea that Pearlstein is from Pittsburgh, even went to school at Carnegie Institute of Technology and was Andy Warhol’s friend. The two of them went to New York together. My question is: how come we have an Andy Warhol Museum, but no Philip Pearlstein Museum? I think he is a much more interesting artist than Warhol. Is it because Warhol was a better promoter? He was certainly a master. Or is it because Pearlstein paints nudes? Or what?

I am in school most of the day on Wednesday. At some point when I went to the ladies room I found this stuck to the door of the stall. Women_2
I know what’s worse than an abortion, but I can’t think of an easy answer about what is better. I presume this is some kind of anti-abortion statement, but it made me wonder what might be better, mostly things that most of the anti-abortion zealots never mention. Instead of picketing in front of Planned Parenthood, how about teaching young women about the responsibility involved in raising a child? How about giving women enough self-esteem to enable them to say no to unprotected sex? How about making men equally responsible for raising those children?

3 thoughts on “Random questions for a Wednesday

  1. You are right, Amie. I forgot about “dead” as criteria. Although I understand the problems that might be involved setting up a museum for a living artist, somehow it has always bothered me that we wait for “dead” to show appreciation.

  2. I think Pearlstein will eventually merit his own museum here. The big reason he wouldn’t have one yet is that he’s still alive.
    Another local-born artist who should get his own posthumous museum is Duane Michals.

  3. Hoo boy! One of my favorite pet peeves! Teaching girls or somehow helping them realize from the get-go that they are just fine with or without a boyfriend who encourages them to “prove how much you love me.” With role models like Britney and Paris and Lindsey, we’re at quite a disadvantage. If girls (& women) would only realize how powerful they really are!

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