Who owns your elected representatives?

If you think your elected representatives are representing you, or concerned with your needs and wishes, you are sadly deluded. Unless we are able to change our electoral system, those boys are working for the big corporations that pay their election expenses. None of them have your interests at heart. Each time I have posted about healthcare or other political problems I realize that no change will occur unless our huge corporations are behind the change. I had a brief flicker of hope when I realized that one of GM’s biggest problems is employee health coverage. Who better to fight a large industry like healthcare insurance than another large industry. But, somehow the problem has been assuaged if not resolved, so that hope is gone.

All of this is detailed in a wonderfully researched and written post by Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By. Beginning with an AP-IPSOS poll showing 75 percent of respondents think the country is off on the wrong track, Ronni goes through many of the problems we are having in this country and sums it all up with

…I believe the one solution is to remove them [corporations] from politics and
government. That means outlawing lobbying and most of all, creating
publicly funded elections.

Read it all here.

I think this is the single most important thing we can do to take back our government. Let’s start a movement.

3 thoughts on “Who owns your elected representatives?

  1. Mostly I despair at changing any of this. Then I remember that in the 1960s we stopped a war and made huge changes in civil rights and womens’ rights.
    It takes a lot of organizing to force change and as the dismal approval ratings of our entire federal government show, our representatives don’t seem to care what we think…

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