Beautiful Saturday

This is the last weekend of the 3 Rivers Festival so I decided to go down and see it again. Robin and I went last Saturday. There were wonderful, almost life-size drawings in Market Square. I was too tired to photograph that evening, so I went back today hoping for another chance, but they were gone. I walked around the festival, took some photos of buildings, looked at some of the artwork, checked out the food but, happily, nothing tempted me and was preparing to go back to the bus when I saw what appeared to be giant puppets high up in the air. They were a group from Australia, Swaypoles, and they were wonderful, Dsc02775
easily one of the best events at the festival. Maybe I’ll go back to see them again tomorrow.



This evening I went to a concert with my family and then out for dinner. Eli Dsc02795
will leave tomorrow to spend the summer in Chile. He’s been home only one week, and I saw too little of him. It’s nice to see him as a grown man; he grew up all too quickly.  I had the same feeling when RobinDsc02786
grew up; it also happened too fast. One grandchild is still at home Dsc02785
for another couple of years.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Saturday

  1. What a coincidence. Last Friday I was at an electronics store where they had “the world’s largest plasma screen” on display. It’s 103″–absolutely huge–and they had a performance from this troupe in HD playing. It was mesmerizing. I can imagine how cool it must have been to see in person. The concept is baffling. Thanks to your post, I now know what they’re called.

  2. I loved this post…the pictures of the kids are wonderful…and those sway pole puppets looked like fun!
    corrected version….

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