A Chihuly week

I did not plan it, but from Thursday, my birthday, to last Thursday I visited the Chihuly exhibit four times. Although obviously overkill, it was an interesting exercise and enabled me to more precisely define my feelings about Chihuly. As I mentioned previously, I loved the show in Chicago, did not love it in New York, and loved it here, at least the first two times.

I went to the show last Tuesday for the second time. My class let out early, it’s nearby and I had nothing better to do. At that time I bought myself a ticket for Chihuly at night. I never managed to see the show at night in Chicago. Seeing the show at night in the Bronx turned out to be a nightmare, but I decided I had to try one more time. After a pleasant visit on Tuesday I returned Wednesday evening for a night viewing. It doesn’t get really dark here until about 9 pm meaning there was still some daylight as I walked through parts of the exhibit. Mostly it was dark enough to see the effect lights have. Sometimes it was spectacular, but often I felt the daylight spectacle was just as good, in some cases even better. Here is a photo of the full moon peeking over the Japanese garden, flanked by Chihuly. Dsc02688

Someday I may take only dark photos.

I took this photo too early in the evening. Both the Chihuly and the Cathedral are lit at night and might make a better picture. Maybe I’ll go back when it starts to get dark earlier. Dsc02622

In the meantime I got a call from old friends who were visiting here inviting me to meet them at the Phipps on Thursday morning. Back I went. I think I was Chihulyed out, but it was OK; I had a good time visiting with my friends.Dsc02717


My decision about Chihuly: I like it best when the pieces are made part of the plantings; often the plants are more interesting than the glass. The combination is greater than the sum of its parts.

Coming soon: a Chihuly album with pictures from both the Phipps and the Bronx.

2 thoughts on “A Chihuly week

  1. They are selling small, about 12 inches across, Chihuly’s in the gift shop at Phipps for $4,000 and up, mostly up. So I would guess you family’s piece is worth lots of money. Also, they are labeled “museum quality glass.” At that price they ought to be, but I’m still trying to figure out what that means.

  2. I saw a Chihuly show in Washington, DC, a number of years ago. My brother studied with him at RISD and Dale gave my brother a big vase-type thing. So my family owns a Chihuly. Wonder what it’s worth!

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