Time out for guests

I’m still working on pictures from the Chicago trip, and there are things to tell about the tulip tree and about this semester’s classes, but this weekend I have house guests, Karen and Kathryn from Chicago. Unfortunately, every time I have a guest it seems to rain. Makes it very difficult to show Pittsburgh in its best light. I wanted to take them to the Frick estate and then walk in Frick Park. Plan B was going to the Frick Art Museum where we saw a show of George Bellows drawings. Then we drove to Oakland and toured some of the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning. I’ve seen these rooms many times and had classes in some, but it’s fun to see them with people who are interested and bring fresh eyes and fresh thoughts.

The next stops on our tour were the Carnegie Library, the other Frick art building on campus, and views of the Cathedral and CMU. We finished the evening with a koto concert by Misayo Ishigure.

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