Last Monday

we went to the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. I’m ashamed to say I lived in Wilmette for 17 years and only went inside the Temple once before. It’s a beautiful place, and the sanctuary is awesome. I haven’t researched it, but there must be a great story about why the Temple was built in Wilmette. And, I was very impressed to learn they only accept donations from their own believers.

We walked around the building, Reneebahai

climbed up to the sanctuary and explored the visitor’s center, where we found a small room with the Peace Tapestry, four exquisite panels created by Vickie Hu Poirier of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Banner4
Each panel has text about peace, the necessity of achieving peace, the means of achieving peace; the work is a veritable sampler of fabric techniques. I put more photos and some details in the Wonderful Cloth photo album on the left.

1 thought on “Last Monday

  1. I really appreciate this post…as I don’t know anything about this particular faith…sounds pretty amazing thus far, though…peace and equality are good foundations for a belief system. Thanks!

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