March has not been a good month

I’ve been eating too much; I forgot to pay some of my bills; I’m messier than usual; I feel like I’m falling apart. Today, I did a big bill pay thing. I stopped eating too much two days ago, and I feel better. But the mess remains. On Saturday I’m going to New York for the week; five days after I return I have a house guest. Obviously, I need to be better organized. Also, the two Japanese print exhibits will be taken down within the next weeks, so I’m feeling like I ought to take one more look: Kogyo today, CMOA tomorrow.

Yesterday I walked back to my car after class; about 2 miles. I’m practicing for New York where I do no end of walking. Today I’ll walk over to the Frick Art Museum, less than a 2-mile round trip, but then there’s all that walking in the museum.

1 thought on “March has not been a good month

  1. Good for you! I sometimes forget to pay bills too. I now have a reminder system on my computer to remind me of the ones due every month…but sometimes that fall through the cracks. I too,have been eating too much…have to cut that out! Hope your weekend was grand…lazy days are good too!

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