Getting our priorities straight

If you listen to the radio or read the newspaper, Pittsburgh’s biggest problem seems to be keeping the Penguins hockey team in the city. Everyone, including Gov. Rendell, seems to be working on this. At the same time the transit system has announced massive cuts to take effect in June. I don’t understand why the mayor, the governor and everyone else isn’t working on a way to enlarge and promote public transportation. This would be a much greater public benefit than building a new stadium for a sports team. How do people who can’t afford cars get to work? How do those massive numbers of students get to school? There is no place to park, even if they can afford cars. I guess the answer is we should all buy a ticket to the hockey game and forget everything else. 

1 thought on “Getting our priorities straight

  1. amen to this my dear – public transportation in the entire state is lacking. here in Somerset County it is virtually none existent.

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