Back in Pittsburgh

I’m easing back to normal life (that means doing laundry and checking mail, which won’t happen until tomorrow because of the post office holiday for President Ford’s funeral), and I’m still thinking about all the things that happened in New York that I haven’t written yet. Renee and I went to the Pearl Theater, a repertory company, to see School for Wives. The play was beautifully acted, but it was spoiled for us by someone in the audience who thought they were part of a TV laugh track. It’s a funny play but didn’t merit the loud, insistent cackle that accompanied every funny thing. I can’t watch sitcoms on TV because of the laugh tracks, and I found this almost unbearable.

I went to the Metropolitan Museum twice. The first time, on the Friday before Christmas, I met a friend and we looked at the Vollard exhibit and the Nan Kempner. I looked briefly at a new Japanese print exhibit but was too tired to really appreciate it so I decided to return another day. I did not get back until the Friday before New Year’s. Unfortunately it was so crowded I just left. That was a disappointment.

I managed to see most, but not all, of my friends. Twelve days just wasn’t enough. One of the highlights of my trip was the wedding of a friend’s son. It was a beautiful affair: a lovely ceremony, good food, great music, some good friends.

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