Last class

I’ve been very busy the last few days, preparing my presentation for the Japanese art seminar. Although I am only auditing the class, the professor has encouraged me to participate, and I find I get more out of it if I do. This one was tough. I don’t know whether it was my topic, or me. Probably both. I actually spent most of my time doing work avoidance. I wrote a line or two, then made some tea. Came back for another two lines, then got something to eat. Back to work, then you know what tea does. So it went for almost three days. I probably gained three pounds. On Monday, I was really wiped out, probably from the trip to Cincinnati on Saturday, then a visit to an open house for the Nationality Rooms at Pitt on Sunday. Both very tiring. So I suppose it’s no mystery that I wasn’t functioning on Monday. Tuesday was better, but I was still marching back and forth. I was very happy to finally give the presentation, turn in the paper and be finished. Of course, I’ll miss all those classes now that I have a month’s vacation.

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