On the road

Once upon a time I loved to drive, any place, any time. I don’t know how many times I drove from Chicago to New York or Chicago to the West Coast. For the most part, I loved each trip. But after five plus years of commuting 70 miles a day across the George Washington Bridge I lost my love of driving. I still do it, but little as possible. So when I heard about a show of Japanese prints in Cincinnati I had a hard decision to make. I asked my Japanese art seminar if anyone wanted to go with me for a day trip, five hours each way. I decided I would go if I could get someone else to drive with me. At first there was great enthusiasm for the project, but finally I had only one taker, a non-driver. With some anxiety on my part, about the length of the drive and about the weather, we bravely set out yesterday morning. 

The show was great,definitely worth all that driving. There were many prints I had never seen before, and very high quality. The museum looks terrific. I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to look at everything there. My companion was good company. We talked about everything from Japanese art to cooking with tofu. She has only been in the US since August, so she was excited about going on the road trip. Also, she enjoys looking at things the way I do. It’s always a pleasure to share with someone like that. I can’t say this is the beginning of a new phase in my life, driving trips, but I guess I would consider doing more.

2 thoughts on “On the road

  1. love reading your accounts.
    You mentioned that the person who went on the trip was new in the States, you did not mention where she was from.
    You are developing a real experteeism on Japanese prints, I hope to be able to learn something from you on the subject I know nothing about.
    Love Yona

  2. I saw that show about 3 weeks ago–it was great. Let me know if you get to Cincinnati again–I could meet you–or you could go the extra 70 miles and come see me. Their Contemporary Art Museum is a fine piece of architecture.

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