Becoming a night person

Last night, about 11:30, I looked out at the backyard and, to my amazement, it was lit by moonlight again. The moon is on its way to being full, but it’s not there yet. I had no idea it would give so much light. This time the shadow of the house was larger so the moon was further south. The maple tree was lit. Most of the leaves have fallen from the larger trees giving the moonlight access to the little tree, which still has not lost any leaves. I think it is a magical tree, nourished by moonlight in autumn. I am also amazed that it has taken me 72 years to notice how much light the moon gives back to the earth.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a night person

  1. Eli, You sound just like your grandfather. I’m sure he would tell me the same thing if he bothered to read this blog. Besides, the moon is really made of green cheese.

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