Long weekend

This is another Darcy weekend. Steve went to something in New York and Robin and Charna went to Chicago to see Eli. I’m here with Darcy. It’s cold and rainy and she doesn’t want to go out. Does this mean I get up in the middle of the night to let her out? Life is always uncertain when I’m taking care of my granddog.

Trader Joe’s opened a new store next to my health club. Today was maddening. Obviously, this was a big event in Pittsburgh. There is a huge parking lot for an almost empty strip mall, the health club and TJ’s. It was filled. The health club was empty. All those people were shopping with Joe. I’m sure the rush will end and I’ll be able to park again, but I’m not sure having them so accessible is good for my health. They have some lovely things, but not much that I should be eating.

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