Darcy and I went on a turkey hunt at Chatham College. Last year there was one wild turkey, now there are eight. Robin and Charna kept telling me about them. Steve and Charna found them on their front lawn last week. I decided I had to see for myself. We walked down toward the pond. As we approached, a man sitting on the other side of the pond called out, "The turkeys are here." Pittsburgh017
We were able to get within about 25 feet of them. I didn’t want to try to get closer because of Darcy. She seemed a little bewildered by them, and remained more interested in squirrels than turkeys. While we were watching the birds suddenly ran to the bushes for cover. The man said it was a hawk, then decided it was a great blue heron. I never saw the bird. After it flew away the turkeys came back and resumed their pecking. Pittsburgh011
I took a lot of pictures but most of them were blurry: the Darcy effect. I have to hold her leash and she doesn’t stay still. After about twenty minutes she started growling at the turkeys so we left.

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