People watching

I went to the zoo last week; the people were more interesting than the animals. There were also many more of them. These people, in the green shirts, were Pittsburghzoo039_2
on a busman’s holiday. They were volunteers from the zoo in Cleveland, on a day trip to Pittsburgh.

There were many Amish people that day. Pittsburghzoo038_1
I was particularly impressed with the fathers caring for their sons.


I took the tram from the entrance to the aquarium.

As I got off the train I noticed this group of red hat ladies. Pittsburghzoo001
This amazing commercial venture is based on a poem by Jenny Joseph, Warning. When I first read the poem, possibly thirty years ago, I thought it was a declaration of independence at a time when women were mostly constrained. Pittsburghzoo002
Every time I encounter some of these women I am appalled that they used the poem to form another constraining group.

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