Art and more art

Back in August, when I was very bored and volunteered for a great many things, I became part of a story-telling study. I don’t really know what they are studying, but the deal is that I go to five different public venues on five weekends, then report back and tell a story after each visit. I have been to the Carnegie Museum of Art, Phipps Conservatory, the Mattress Factory, and Frick Art and Historical Center. I still have to report back on my visit to the Frick, and I have one more visit to make. It’s been fun. I don’t think my story about the Carnegie was very good, but the Phipps and the Mattress Factory were fun. The show at the Frick is more than I ever wanted to know about Pre-raphaelite art. I hope, when I am finished they will tell me what they are looking for.

Self portrait with red dots, at the Mattress Factory.

1 thought on “Art and more art

  1. I took a look at the Mattress Factory site. Very cool. I live in Boston and to we are getting a new contemporary art museum in a few weeks. But I like funkier venues like that Mattress Factory.

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