I went down to the Strip this afternoon. At one time this was Pittsburgh’s wholesale food distribution center. Today it’s mostly consumer oriented, with lots of exotic, ethnic food. It’s almost enough to make me start cooking again. Since I don’t cook very much I only bought a few things. It’s hard to cook for only one person. I generally make too much, then wind up eating it for days; not a good thing.

There are bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops in the Strip. Enrico’s makes amazing biscotti; the smell is irresistible. There is even a lovely chocolate shop. This time I resisted all of the nosh, getting only an iced coffee and my few groceries. I finally decided I should try to loose some weight. My wonderful son-in-law, the geriatric specialist, keeps telling me about all of the studies about obesity. He’s very nice. He doesn’t tell me I should loose weight, just tells me about the studies. So I’m not dieting. That doesn’t work for me. I’m just trying to eat better, more fruit and vegetables, less of everything. It seems to be working.

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