Tai Chi, again

This class is the biggest challenge I face these days. It’s right up there with learning how to swim when I was 47. Unfortunately this challenge has no easily discernible goal post, not like being able to swim a half mile or a mile. And the challenge isn’t because it is physically demanding; it’s not. The challenge comes in making all four of my appendages move in the proper direction at the same time. When both hands are doing the same thing, and the feet are still, there’s no problem. But my brain doesn’t want to deal with moving everything at once while playing follow the leader. I don’t think this is a function of old age. I was always a klutz and never had a strong determination to do any challenging motions. I did learn ballroom dancing, with some difficulty, when I was younger, but usually only your feet move. So I figure the Tai Chi is exercising both body and brain.

The class is diverse: a few youngsters, some people older than me. It’s interesting watching everyone do what they think they are supposed to be doing. Many people don’t quite make it, but have a characteristic stance that takes over, no matter what. I’m glad I can’t see myself.

1 thought on “Tai Chi, again

  1. It iS hard–been working on it for a couple of years–doing it 3 times a week now. I think it’s great for motor memory too. Most of my class is in their 40s and been doing it for years. They take it seriously here. Our leader is a level 5. The best thing is going out to breakfast afterward on Sat.

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