Art fairs and animals

Spent most of yesterday out of doors. It was a gorgeous day, only slightly warmer than I prefer. Went to two art fairs in the afternoon, on Ellsworth and on Walnut. They are close together so we walked to both. Pittsburgh014
This Pittsburgh monster was walking around the Ellsworth fair. I went up and told it I had seen it at Schenley Plaza when I went with Charna to the opening festivities. The woman with the "monster" said, Oh no, I only saw the costume. This was her gallery assistant. Things never change. When I was photographing for art galleries in Chicago I often marveled at the terrible jobs the assistants were willing to do, for next to no pay, I’m sure. After all, it’s a glamor job.

In the evening we went to the zoo. I marvel at the fantastic institutions here in Pittsburgh. The zoo ranks very high. Many of the animals are more active at dusk, and it was fun to see them. Pittsburgh016
The tiger was making some amazingly spooky noises. He’s recently become a father and probably wants to do it all over again. The evening ended all too soon, but as we were walking out, we came upon two very rare animals, griffins. Pittsburgh019
At one time there were eight of these around the zoo–bases holding up lamps.

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