I can’t help but reminisce when I go back to Chicago. It is, after all, almost my entire past. One of the places I visited was Uncle Freddy’s Gallery, run by a cousin. She started the gallery several years ago, but this was my first opportunity to visit. She and her partner, Tom, wanted to know about my work as a photographer. I told them about the galleries and artists I worked with. I recalled this picture of Ed Paschke, just another job for me at the time, but looking at it now, I think it is quite good. Paschke

(© R. Karlin)
Time gives you a different perspective. Paschke’s work was always strong and a little violent; it was hard to reconcile his sweet public personality with this work. I think my portrait tells the story.

1 thought on “Memories

  1. Ruthe, It was great to see you. I think the photo of Paschke does tell the story. I have seen a lot of photos of him. That is the BEST!!! Can’t wait to get together again.

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