Bag Lady 1

Back in April I went to a potluck fundraiser for the Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh. They had a silent auction and a Chinese auction for lots of interesting, donated stuff. I bought a lot of tickets and put them all in the bag for this gardening basket full of fabrics,Bag3
which I won. It was much more interesting than it looks here, because I had already pulled everything out and used some of the fabric before I decided to take the photograph. The fabrics inspired me and I have already made two bags:Bag1


I used to do a lot of sewing. Among the things I brought from Chicago eight years ago are many boxes for fabric pieces. I have been trying to get rid of them so I’ve been making bags. I have probably made two dozen bags already. I use them myself or I give them away. I didn’t need any more fabric, but it was fun to win something.

2 thoughts on “Bag Lady 1

  1. Great bags. I think with that class you can make $5000/week on these alone. Whereas for the wonderful neck piece you made me, you’d be lucky to make 2 cents an hour.

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