Wrap up

Yesterday afternoon I had tea at the little table on my front porch. All of the trees are blooming, the grass in the front yard is greener and nicer than I had anticipated all winter, and I could hear the birds singing. What a contrast from New York. Renee’s apartment is near the FDR so we hear lots of traffic noises and sirens. Michael kept saying he could hear the ocean. This is not to denigrate New York. I love the energy on the street. But it is very nice to listen to the birds.

Today is another beautiful day. April180291
My Japanese maple is glowing in the back yard and there are mystery shoots coming up underneath it. April17008_1
I have never taken much interest in gardening, so while I feel the need for trees in my life, their identity, and the identity of the stuff underneath, remains a mystery.April17004

This afternoon I am going back to the eye doctor for the (I hope) last checkup on my cataract surgery. I want to go back to my contact lens practitioner in New York for new lenses, but I’m hoping to be able to use the old lens in my left eye until I get to her on May 10.

My Japanese Art class ends on Thursday, to my sorrow. I wish it would go on all summer; I have really enjoyed it. I’m working on the last paper, due on Thursday. I’ve been thinking about it for a month; now I have to get down to business.

1 thought on “Wrap up

  1. It’s such fun to see where you live. I think it’s amazing–in a sense we’ve switched the types of living quarters we began with and are both living reversed from how we started 6 years ago.

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