Happy Birthday Ronni

As I get older it has become important to me to celebrate. I celebrate birthdays, other milestones, sometimes just being happy. Today I am celebrating a friend who has earned my great respect and admiration, even though we have never met. Each morning as I read her blog, I admire her wisdom, her thoughtfulness and her ability to give voice to so many of my concerns. I particularly admire her ability to use exactly the right words. So have a wonderful birthday, Ronni Bennett. I wish you joy and happiness and many more celebrations.

1 thought on “Happy Birthday Ronni

  1. Thank you so much for the birthday greeting. I wish I DID find just the right word; so often what I’m trying to say is just a bit off because I know there’s the right word somewhere, if I just took a little longer, if it would just come to me…but so often it doesn’t.

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