I need a plumber

One of my constant worries, for all of the forty-some years I’ve been wearing contact lenses, is that a lens will go down the drain when I am cleaning it. So I am always super careful to close the drain, or in public washrooms where the basin has nothing but a big gaping hole, I put paper towels over the hole and run the water very slowly.

On Thursday I was getting ready to go to my Japanese Art class. I stood in front of the basin and didn’t think about the drain. I was just combing my hair; the contact lenses were in my eyes and I had my reading glasses on. (Combing your hair is actually closework.) The comb hit the stem of the glasses, which bumped my right eye, and I realized the lens had popped out. I removed the glasses to see what had happened. The lens was sitting on my lower lid. As I reached for it, it fell off, bounced and went right down the drain. I couldn’t believe it. I decided I had to remove the trap. I don’t like going around with only one lens. Getting a new one would take at least two days, probably four since it was Thursday, and cost about $150, including the panic shipping charge.

I got out my wrenches and couldn’t budge the trap. Sitting on the floor, which I hate, I was trying to decide whether to see if I could get a neighbor to help or just give up and I realized that the entire pipe leading from the basin to the wall was loose. I removed the part leading to the basin and dumped it into a large waste basket. No lens. Now I was really panicky. Could I have sent it past the trap when I turned the pipe? I finally got the other end loose and my lens appeared in the waste basket. What a relief. I left the mess, cleaned my hands and the lens very carefully in my second bathroom, which I thought I didn’t need, and went to class.

Friday morning I decided to try to deal with the problem. I quickly figured out why the trap is a separate pipe. Since I still couldn’t get the pipes separated there was nothing I could do. Steve said he’ll come tomorrow and try to fix it. Otherwise, I will need that plumber.

1 thought on “I need a plumber

  1. Ruthe,
    You have plumbers in the family out here in the midwest, I’ll send Danny right over to fix that pipe!
    Cousin Linda
    I have done similar things with my lenses, that’s why I wear glasses now. Too many emergency plumbing bills.

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