More sunshine

I can’t believe this weather: 65 degrees on January 13. I’m enjoying it, but deep down I don’t think it’s a good thing. Taking advantage of the sunshine I walked down to Frick Park this morning. Not having dogs with me I decided to walk in Homewood Cemetery, which is next to the park and doesn’t allow dogs. When I walked in the gate was open on Homewood Avenue and there was a workman nearby. I started to walk around enjoying the sunshine and looking at some of the headstones. After a while I realized the workman was gone and the gate was closed. I felt a little panicky but decided I could always call the police on my cell phone.

I was locked in a cemetery in Chicago a couple of years ago. Betty and I went to a Sunday matinee on the north side. We were going to meet her family for dinner nearby and had some time to kill, so we went to investigate Wunders Cemetery and Hebrew Benevolent at Clark and Irving Park across the street from Chicago’s famous Graceland Cemetery. Signs on the fences warned that the cemeteries closed at 4:45 and it was almost that time. However the sun was shining, the gates were open and we walked in. I kept an eye on the gates for awhile but as we walked further back I could no longer see them. I did see a man purposefully walking by. This was not an area where people strolled, and he wasn’t strolling, so we started walking back to the gate. We were locked in. I did not like the idea of calling the Chicago Police on my cell phone. I couldn’t envision a good outcome. Luckily some women walked by trying to get into the cemetery. We explained our predicament and asked them to try to find the caretaker. About fifteen minutes later we were rescued.

I thought about this as I walked back to Homewood Avenue. Fortunately the gate was easily opened and I was able to walk out, without meeting the Pittsburgh police.

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