Back to school

I always thought the best thing I did was go to school. So I’m back in school again. The University of Pittsburgh has a program for seniors, which offers classes geared strictly to seniors and also the opportunity to audit undergraduate classes. I signed up to audit 2 classes: Japanese Art in the Edo Period and Reading Poetry. I also signed up for 3 of the senior classes. My 2 audit classes have begun meeting; the others don’t start until next month. I really enjoy the Japanese Art class. We are looking at art from both Kyoto and Edo. I am familiar with a lot of this, but the class is giving me a much broader appreciation. I tend to look at the composition, color, technique and emotion evoked by each piece without thinking about the purpose, the artist’s intent, and the broader context in which the piece was created.

The class began with the history of the political and governmental occurrences in the sixteenth century, the beginning of the Edo period, a time when the power of the emperor, who remained in Kyoto, was eclipsed by the power of the Shogunate, which ruled from Edo. We are looking at several different art forms with the idea that they came out of these political events.

When I came out of the class it was starting to get dark. This is a picture of the Cathedral of Learning, the biggest building on the Pitt campus.


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