On A Roll–More Books

Raja kept a blog for many years. In fact she inspired me to start a blog. Her blog was smart, funny and filled with incisive observations about herself and her environment. While I continue to write for a minute audience, Raja stopped in 2014 and deleted her blog..

We both left Chicago about the same time: Raja to live in Kentucky; New Jersey and finally Pittsburgh for me. Over the years we met frequently but not the last four or five years. Raja returned to Chicago at the beginning of the year and I was sure we would get together again but Raja died unexpectedly. I went looking for her blog and finally found about half of it in the Internet Archive. I put whatever I could find into this book and gave it to her family.

The book is bound with hand-made printed paper; flowers and beads for Jan.

While I was working on Raja’s book the Supreme Court killed off Roe v. Wade, effectively making all women second class citizens. My anger knows no bounds and an idea I’ve been playing with for many years came to fruition.

The book has a drum leaf binding. There is no actual title but it should be ANGER. The spine is covered in book cloth. Images on the covers are printed on Strathmore Bright White Wove and painted with Matte Medium to protect the ink. Digital collage was done in Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

Open letter to John McCain

 Dear Senator McCain,

Last night in the debate you said:

Well, I want to make sure we’re not handing the health care system over to the federal government which is basically what would ultimately happen with Senator Obama’s health care plan. I want the families to make decisions between themselves and their doctors. Not the federal government.*

So, Senator McCain, what I want to know is:
How do you reconcile this with your stand against a woman's right to choose?
Do you not consider women part of families?
Or do you think women are not capable of making decisions between themselves and their doctors?

What about
providing information about contraceptives? We keep giving men more
ability to produce babies. Shouldn't we be giving women the right not
to have those babies? And having their health insurance pay for contraceptives just as it pays for Viagra?

I haven't seen anything in the media about this. I know it's not the most important issue facing the country at this time (women's issues are never the most important). But I think it speaks to your judgment when you can blithely make a statement without considering all of its implications. Women want to know what you really mean when you say you want families to make decisions together with their doctors.

*This quote is taken from the New York Times transcript of the debate found here.