Another Altered Book

Also the product from a class. I used a book I disliked while working on a Master’s degree. When I tried to sell it back to the school I was offered $1. I think I had to pay about 25 times as much so I was delighted to put it to this better use. I completely obliterated its identity with the folds and decorated papers papers on the cover.  I added feathers and silkworm cocoons for more decoration. See detail below.




I made a second similar book while working with friends and left the book with one of my friends.


Altered Book

I took a class about altered books at the Center for the Arts here in Pittsburgh. The book I chose to alter was a rare book catalog I had picked up somewhere in New York. It became the first book I made using posts from my first blog: Moving Music.


Moving Music was about my move from New Jersey to Pittsburgh. I decided to use fatunderscoreoldunderscoreartist as my user name and continued using it for a couple of years until I realized there were porn sites showing fat women and my blog was listed on one of them. You never know what attracts people.


I printed out everything in the blog and pasted it onto the book and using various techniques, covered all of the text and some of the printed pictures.



I’m not proud of this book, keeping it only because it has the blog. If the blog is still online, I could do a better job. Somehow it’s not that important.

This is book #11.