Saturday May 4

Robin went to run a race taking Steve with her. Charna and I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine, shopping in Shibuya and lots of train riding and getting lost in train stations. I don’t know what I will do without her.

This shrine has lots of visitors but also large areas of stillness and beauty. There are beautiful Torii gates and wonderful old trees. We hung out (our specialty) and watched a wedding procession with the public lining the route and taking pictures like this was a Hollywood production. Near the shrine exit there was a marching band accompanying a small procession with someone in a character costume. Needless to say we have no idea what was going on. Just as we were finally leaving we came upon two dogs in costume being pushed in a stroller. The couple, who spoke English, told us the dogs were dressed for tomorrow’s child’s day holiday. These were their children.

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We had a snack in a Taiwanese restaurant, got lost in a huge crowd in Harajuku and went shopping in Shibuya. She bought clothes, I went to a department store food shop. Now we are back in our little house hanging out and waiting for Steve and Robin.

2 thoughts on “Saturday May 4

  1. Ruthe! It looks like absolute BLISS! I’m so happy you are still on your Japanese adventure and sharing it with us!

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