Tel Aviv

First we took a bus tour of the city. There was only one tall building looming over the sand dunes and small houses when I was here last. Today the skyline is amazing. I would have liked a tour where you get off and on the bus but I hope to go back to some of the places we passed. Jaffa, now part of TA, looked particularly interesting; think flea market. I have photos of Tel Aviv from 30 or 40 years ago. Perhaps I can find some of them and show the comparison.
Imagine right now I am showing pictures of people on the beach. As we walked along the shore the sun felt like it was burning into me.
We had lunch on the boardwalk. Because this is supposed to be winter the restaurant did not have their umbrellas open over the outdoor tables so we sat inside. It was too hot to sit out in the direct sun.
After lunch Yona left me at the Rabin Center, a memorial to the assassinated former Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, that puts his life into the context of recent history, both of Israel and the world. It was beautifully done and very sad.
Yona has decided I must come here every winter. It’s very tempting, especially when the bad weather in the Eastern US is the first news story on CNN.

3 thoughts on “Tel Aviv

  1. Yes, I agree as long as you’re able, GO! Sounds really good to me! What I wanted to say before is that our friend from Pgh was here for a long weekend and treated us to a tour of the Dead Sea Scrolls (here ’til the end of March). It was quite watered down for her because she’s been to Israel and saw a much larger presention of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Anyhow, I’ve always been relunctant to visit Israel, mostly I think because of all the flap over the ongoing controversy there, but what I did see of the Scrolls here really piqued my interest. Now we’ve added Israel to our bucket list. I hope my health holds out to get to it. I’ll cross my fingers. Sounds as though we should plan a trip in winter. Cold really affects my hands and fingers quite a bit; maybe a week or so of warm air would limber my hands up so I could accomplish more in my art classes that are keeping me too busy! Hope you continue to have a marvelous time!

  2. You go girl!! You really are all over the place, unlike any 80 year old I know. I’m right behind you, and I will be going to Kyoto in May. I love hearing about your travels.

  3. Dear Ruthe, the weather is worse than bad. You are in the perfect place baking in the too hot sun. Your Hebrew will soon return, and you are never too old to be warm and comfortable.

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