New York, Again

Took the train to New York last Friday so I could attend a conference about keratoconus, my eye problem, on Saturday. The conference was good although schlepping out to New Jersey on public transit in a snowstorm was not wonderful. Since Saturday I’ve been to a concert and looked at an exhibit of Chagall paintings, a retrospective about Art Spiegelman, creator of Maus, a show about the famous 1913 Armory show and several exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum. Unfortunately the weather has been bad enough to really slow me down. Fortunately, I didn’t have a big agenda to it hasn’t mattered. I’ll take the train home on Thursday. 

What else have I been doing? Auditing my yearly Japanese art history class, taking several other Osher classes and two online courses: Chinese History and Chinese Architecture. The history class is wonderful; the architecture lectures are in Chinese with an English translation that needs help. Makes it confusing. 

I am also continuing my bookmaking; most recently a picture book about dead fish. I still have two Japanese garden books in the works and ideas for two others. So I’ve been busy.

2 thoughts on “New York, Again

  1. So very glad you are alive and well tho in a snow storm. Thanks for taking us along to Chagall and the other shows. How I wish I was with you. Please take a moment to tell us about evertthing when you get home. You make me feel indigent and lazy. 🙂

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