Today is August

renee's apt

and I am in New York. I’ve been coming here every August to see my contact lens doc, and so it was this year also–until I got a call last week that she lost her office and won’t be in her new office until some time in September. I think this is a message from on high to get a doctor in Pittsburgh. I’ll work on it as soon as I return. Of course, all of my arrangements were made and my friends were contacted. Renee has gone to Russia and I have the apartment to myself for two weeks. I wasn’t going to pass it up.

I’ll try to blog every day. I like having a travel record. More things tend to happen and I have different views of the world, unlike Pittsburgh where things remain pretty much the same.

I came here on the Megabus, which developed a bad tire, whatever that means, about 2 hours in, and we waited almost two hours for another bus. This is my second bad experience, out of possibly ten trips. I think I need an alternative.

Other than yesterday, when I just walked around, bought some groceries and hung out in the heat, humidity and occasional rain, my calendar is full. Let the good times roll!

2 thoughts on “Today is August

  1. I hope Broadway is among your plans…unless you opted to see it in Chicago instead. The view indicates you have a Birdseye view for the next two weeks. Enjoy the change of scenery; it’ll do you good.

  2. Yes, there has to be a good opthomologist near your home. Then again, this has given you a wonderful chance to play in one of our most historic cities. Have fun….we are with you in spirit.

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