Nine Mile Run and Duck Hollow

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Nine Mile Run has become my favorite walk, replacing my former favorite walk, Frick Park.  It’s part of Frick Park but about a half mile down the trail. Almost as good as a Japanese Garden.

2 thoughts on “Nine Mile Run and Duck Hollow

  1. Just exquisite. I like it so much because it’s naturalness is rougher. It hasn’t been planted and nurtured all those many years as Japanese gardens have been. I wish I too could walk with you or perhaps train into the big city to meet Alice.

  2. What a lovely walk that is! I can see why it’s your favorite. In fact it looks very much like the hike Hubby and I took in nearby Millcreek Canyon on Monday except that we had a bit of elevation and a couple of places were a challenge for me with my neuritic (sp?) feet. Even the flowers are similar. So often I long for flat ground to walk on, especially so natural a setting as your walk…like the best of country and city all rolled into one. (BTW, I’ll be in NYC from our arrival on the 23rd evening until early afternoon on the 30th–June. Don’t suppose you’ll be there at that time?)

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