Jetlag is over

It actually seems to get easier as I get older. I think it’s because my attachment to time is slipping. Sometimes I think I could easily reverse day and night, which is what I was doing this week.

Coming back was not too difficult. The train is always a pleasure; my only disappointment was that Mt. Fuji was not visible. Sometimes there is a great view from the train. The flights were good. I was able to get some sleep on both of them. Crossing the Pacific I was in business class and was able to make my seat lay down. I slept and also watched a movie, “Hyde Park on the Hudson”, which I missed in the theaters. I had about three hours to wait in Dallas that I was able to spend in the Admiral’s Club. They do that for people who fly first or business class. I hadn’t been in one of those clubs for many years. In a strange way it is conspicuous consumption on a grand scale. It felt like the lobby of a six star hotel, marble and all.

By the time I got on the next plane I was zonked and promptly fell asleep before it took off, waking up to find a cup of great nuts (this was first-class, no little bags of mystery snacks) on the arm of my seat. I refused the lunchtime snack, ate the nuts and went back to sleep.

I was afraid to add my photos to my big computer without doing some upgrading. So, with the help of the wonderful people at the Apple Store I was able to upgrade my copy of iPhoto and spend much of the last two days importing and sorting my pictures.

Here are the pictures from my last day: Narita, the town, about 20 minutes from the airport.  PR on it praises the old-time feeling of the shops, etc. I found only two interesting shops: one sold Taiko drums and one sold bamboo objects. Neither had anything I wanted to carry on the plane but it was fun to look.

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2 thoughts on “Jetlag is over

  1. So glad you had such a wonderful trip and am looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about them!

  2. So glad you are alive and well as well as recovered from your jet lag. I agree with you, I’m either taking the train or flying business class. Really enjoying the pictures.

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