On the way home

I am in a motel in the middle of Indiana; alone for the first time in two weeks.  It feels strange, but I’m enjoying it. I always have mixed feelings about being with other people; I love it, but I also love being alone.

I spent my first week in Chicago at Sandy’s home and visited with most of my family and friends. All week I had the feeling my father was waiting to see me. This morning, I again spent time with family; feeling as I left that I was going to see my dad. Strange how I almost feel like I am revisiting my childhood each time I return. Here I am, the matriarch of the family and I return to childhood.

None of this happens when I am in Pittsburgh. There I am just another old lady, attending classes and still trying to organize my workspace.

6 thoughts on “On the way home

  1. And sometimes I “send” my thoughts to my deceased parents without thinking. Then I’m surprised when I realize what I’ve done. We are connected…….and we feel connected to you to my friend!! I appreciate what I have learned from you.! Glad you’re home safe.

  2. I understand! I felt that way during my recent visit to my old home grounds in Florida. It felt as though I was right back in my childhood again, more so than any other time I’ve visited. Maybe it’s the heat and humidity.

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