Another month gone by

The older I get, the faster the time goes and the less I accomplish. I seem to be stuck in picture selection mode. Bill was here yesterday and put up three pictures and 2 pieces of sculpture (wall-hung types). I am now contemplating placement of five largish photos. Three of them were hung in my last apartment. The other two will have to be framed. Having been a photographer for many years, I have lots of framed photos in different sizes. So, unframe two and reframe two others. Then measure and make tiny x’s on the walls where Bill will drill holes.

I spent a lot of time this week being annoyed about the next building over from my bedroom windows. This building belongs to a large Catholic girls’ high school, mostly housed in a newer building. The building near me is old; my apartment’s previous owner mentioned something about it possibly being torn down. I became aware of work being done there when they started making noise late one afternoon. There are three dumpsters and men were throwing things out of windows and into the dumpsters. It struck me as strange. Usually trash is guided into the dumpsters using tubes coming from the windows. I didn’t give it much thought until the next day when I walked past the building. I looked for a work permit and found none, but I found a sign warning about danger from asbestos. I am not happy about this activity. I think it is being done without proper supervision. I suspect the workmen are in some jeopardy, and possibly I am also. I thought about making someone aware of the potential problems and I will think about it again next week if the work resumes.

I have cable TV here–no choice, it’s a comes-with. I must have close to 100 channels, but strangely enough I find myself watching, if at all, the same stuff I watched when I didn’t have cable. Neither public TV or ABC were available to me without cable, but I don’t think I missed much. Haven’t found anything yet that I want to see. I do watch CNN and MSNBC. I suppose I should be happy with that.

I haven’t been taking any of those very long walks, but I walk at least a mile most days to go to classes either at Pitt or CMU.  This is a great location right in the middle.

2 thoughts on “Another month gone by

  1. I think Mage’s suggestion is a good one–that is, about calling the city to inquire about permits; it could be a matter of preserving your health. PBS is really great, especially in the fall. Be sure to check that schedule out. I also like the history channel. Not to encourage too much tv watching, but since you have the cable, might as well see if there’s anything to like.

  2. So glad you like where you live. So sorry about the HS tho. Why not call the city and ask if they have permits. Yes, PBS offers some magic looks at things. I enjoy it tremendously. With where we live, without cable we would get one channel very badly and maybe two more. Maybe. LOL

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