40 Days of Moving: Day 40, plus 2

The move went smoothly, just as the apartment redecorating. If I believed in omens, I would say this was truly meant to be. For the week and a half before the move a small truck was parked about two feet closer to my driveway than would be comfortable for the moving van. I don’t know which of my neighbors owns the truck, but I kept wishing it would go away. I was prepared to position my car in such a way as to capture two parking spaces and leave it there until the movers came. Having a driveway would make that possible. But the truck didn’t move. On Thursday, moving day, I was up about 6am, getting ready. At 7:30 I just happened to look out the window: the truck was gone. What a great thing: it made everything much easier.

The movers arrived about 8:30 and worked hard until finishing at noon. We drove to the new place and they worked hard again until 4.  When the truck first arrived, my neighbor, Mary, came over and asked if I needed help. She agreed to come with me to the new place. I think it would have been very difficult without her. She was really wonderful and again I felt particularly blessed. Later Ivetta came after her ESL class and also helped out. Of course, after the movers finished we had 98 boxes to cope with. Also, while I had planned most of this very carefully, I really screwed up at the end. I had run out of one of my cardio meds, got the scrip refilled, threw it into a box and couldn’t remember what I did with it. I knew it was in a kitchen box; there were only about 12 of those, but we had to find them and we weren’t getting there.

My telephone rang and it was the “concierge” from my health insurer, wishing me a happy birthday. He asked if there was anything he could do for me. I suspect he’ll never ask that question again. He was very good and got special dispensation for me to have the scrip refilled again. So I was able to take the meds for that day and the next morning then finally found the original bottle.

At this point, two days later I have unpacked about 25 or 30 boxes. The kitchen is almost finished and I’ve started on the bookcases, since most of  the boxes contain books. This afternoon Robin, Steve and I went over to the old apartment to clean it up and remove food and a few last items. I couldn’t have done it without them. So, I am now entirely relocated. I left the keys and look forward to getting my security deposit returned.

My workroom is impassable; I can barely make my way to the computer. Comcast sent me the wrong modem, so the computer has to be tethered and I can’t sit in bed and use the toy. They promised to fix it. My dining room, which will become my computer room was so filled with boxes I couldn’t walk from one side to the other with going into the living room. It’s much better now that I’ve unpacked so many boxes. That’s where I’ve been concentrating; that’s where most of the kitchen boxes were. My bathroom and bedroom are in decent shape and that’s where I’m headed now. I’ve never gone to bed so early, so often.

2 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 40, plus 2

  1. Yes, please don’t hurry. You are doing the impossible with friends to help, and they made it work for your. So glad Robin is there for you. Blessings on neighbors, and a double blessing on that insurance company person with his happy birthday call. 🙂 I”m applauding, I’m cheering you on, I’m awfully proud of you for getting this done so very well. I wish I could come help too.

    Very big hugs at ya.

  2. Take your time, Ruthe. This is when you should not feel guilty ordering in or going out to eat. As tiring as it is, I find it so rejuvenating to get re-organized! All the time thinking, this time it’s going to last…. For the last week I’ve been re-doing and re-organizing, furniture, books, clothes, all those things that need taming all the time around here. I go to bed exhausted but happy. Robin’s doing well, too, it seems.

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