40 Days of Moving: Day 32 and 33

I was too tired to write yesterday, and almost too tired to write today. I got to the apartment early to see my newly painted cabinets. They really did a wonderful job. All the handles were replaced and everything looked like new. Of course the paint fumes were still there, but they are disappating now.

The dishwasher installer arrived about 9:30 yesterday morning and did his thing. Good worker. I was hoping Ed would come in the afternoon, but he postponed until today. I had a class at 1, so I got lunch and hung out. The class is about Harry Truman and the aftermath of WW2. This is the same professor I’ve had for many US history classes. I really enjoy him, but this will be his last term. He’s leaving the Pittsburgh area. You can’t make a living teaching Osher classes.

After class I hung out again, waiting to go to a retirement party for the CMU Osher registrar. I’ll be happy to be living in Oakland so I won’t have to hang out while waiting to attend an event at one of the universities. The party was very nice. I left early, while I could still keep my eyes open.

My first stop this morning was my now monthly blood test at 8:20. I got to the apartment at 8:30 to find Bill, the maintenance man, and Scott, another owner, in the apartment. Bill is supposed to replace a (tv) cable that had been cut by the previous owner. I’m sure he brought Scott to see what I had done. Scott has the same apartment on the 9th floor. I don’t think they expected me to show up so early. I didn’t mind, although I can see where this could become an issue.

Scott invited me up to see his apartment. He’s done a wonderful job fixing it up; I was very pleased to see it. You wouldn’t know it was the same layout.

Ed and Meg were working by the time I got back down to my apartment. Shortly afterward the granite counter arrived. Installation was very quick, but much remains to be done. We aren’t supposed to touch it for 24 hours while the glue sets that’s holding the back splash in place. Ed will have to install the faucet, the garbage disposal and connect the water. He installed the stove and removed the florescent lights that were in the kitchen to be replaced with track lighting. After that, he will only have the floor left. We’re putting in the same laminate I installed in the living room and bedroom. Probably after I move in Perry will return to paint the kitchen. He has a job he thinks will last for two weeks. All I have left now is packing and only seven days. Ha!

2 thoughts on “40 Days of Moving: Day 32 and 33

  1. I’m sure everyone in the building aware of comings and goings of a new owner must be curious at the changes undoubtedly going on. Hopefully it won’t be a problem. You’re so nice to give them something to talk about. 🙂 [About your Osher professor’s leaving because he can’t make a living teaching Osher courses–we have the same problem here. The irony is that they usually LOVE teaching Osher(ites) because the classes are usually filled with intelligent people who really want to be there (as opposed to HAVE to be there to fulfill credit requirements), who engage in discussion and ask questions. I remember so many classes from my own history (esp. Freshmen classes) where no one showed any curiosity or interest.].

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