40 Days of Moving: Day 30

Cabinet painters arrived promptly at 8:30. I am amazed at how everyone has appeared when they said they would. They removed the old dishwasher, moved the refrigerator, removed the shelves, which look like old refrigerator shelves and will not get painted, removed handles and put them in a bucket of soapy water to get rid of the grease, took out all the drawers, cleaned and scraped 50 some years of dirt from the nooks and crannies and then masked off walls, floor and ceiling. Drawers go back to the shop with them tonight and get painted there, wherever there is. Inside of cabinets and drawers get epoxy paint, outside is urethane. Spraying will take place tomorrow when they return with drawers.

While they were doing all of this I cleaned the two bookcases that had been left by the seller, and moved them into place in the large bedroom. Originally there were four of them; I gave two away. Here is a diagram I created for furniture placement in the two bedrooms. The black areas in the larger bedroom are walls. That same weight-bearing wall that cramps my dining room also appears in the bedroom. This is a famous architect designed building. He placed those walls every 20 feet without any thought to what they would do to space in the apartments. The bedroom is not 20 feet wide, only about 11 feet. It is at the back end of the building; I guess he couldn’t go any further. It’s only a few feet to the lot line. Three unmarked blank rectangles are windows; long narrow one at the top is the closet door. I moved the two bookcases from the center of the room to the two walls. Other furniture won’t be delivered until I move: May 24.

The smaller bedroom will be my workroom. It gets one bookcase from my present apartment, my light table that I’ve had for at least 40 years and a butcher block table I now have in my kitchen. Also some other furniture I haven’t placed yet.

I left the workmen about 11am and went grocery shopping–no food in the house. Then I came back, took a nap and did more packing. Tonight is the semi-annual meeting of the condo association. The council put out some new rules and succeeded in fomenting a rebellion. So while I had always planned to go and meet some of my new neighbors, now I have to go and find out what will happen. Come back tomorrow for the whole story.

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