Sometimes delusions are so comforting we cling to them even though we know better. So this delusion was that I could get glasses and stop wearing contact lenses. My misshapen corneas are smoothed out by hard contact lenses and my vision can be corrected to 20/25. For years I’ve been told I can’t get glasses, or rather, my nose wasn’t large enough to carry the thickness of the lenses I would need. Two years ago my contact lens provider was able to give me a prescription for glasses, but the refraction was done immediately after I removed the lenses. My corneas were still reshaped by the contacts. After a day or two the glasses didn’t work. So I’ve gone without the lenses for the last week. I can see fairly well in bright sunshine so I’ve been able to walk around easily most days. (Pittsburgh has been unusually sunny this winter.)  Today I happily walked into Squirrel Hill for an appointment with another optometrist, thinking I would order glasses and wear the contacts only occasionally.

The poor optometrist. I probably ruined his day. He gave me a referral to someone else and now I have to decide if I’m willing to go through it all again.

2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Yes, the right ophthalmologist can make quite a difference. I had a terrible (actually more than one) experience with a optometry guy a couple years back. They’ll be expensive for sure, but ask about the ultralight graphite (?) frames and the ultra lite weight lens that go with them. I have a very narrow nose-bridge and glasses kept slipping down my nose so I switched to these expensive ones and they not only stay up but they’re very light weight altogether because they’re not thick like glass lens. If you come to SLC I can steer you to just the right place, but ask around, especially those people whose glasses you admire, and find out where they go. It makes all the difference, really! And it can’t hurt to inquire–that part’s free!

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